Heroes Needed

Superman. Spiderman. Even Santa Clause! Everybody is looking for a hero. Do you know where to find one? In Hollywood? On Wall street? Maybe the Sports World? Any of the aforementioned arenas usually turn up nothing. Positive role models are hard to find there. What makes it even worse is the fact that most of the news that comes from those arenas is simply not “hero stuff.” What about you? Do you have the “stuff” that heroes are made of?
Jesus taught us what the “stuff” is.

1)Being right in the wrong. In a culture of twisted religion, Jesus spit in the face of the self-righteous, and welcomed the unloved, the unaccepted, and the unthinkable.
2)Small was Big. Jesus lowered himself to humanity, and became a “nothing” to become my “everything.” Remember that the next time you’re trying to be “something.”
3)Life is Death. The Living had to die so that the Dying could live.
4)Giving Gains. Hold on to what you got and you’ll lose everything you’ve got coming to you. Let it go, and get it all!

I realize that the terms may be a little vague, but think about it in the light of His life. Jesus is the ultimate Hero! Before you disqualify yourself from the possibility of stepping into that role -Hero – remember he said his disciples would do even greater things than he did. And, Lord knows, and I think you’ll agree, there are some Heroes Needed!


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