Married Life

I love being married! Gena and I hitched up on August 16, 1986. After 28 years of being married to the same woman, I can still say the institution marriage is a wonderful thing. I’m crazy about this wife of mine! I hear people from all walks of life(even Christians) degrade marriage. What a shame that their experience with this relationship has caused them to see their marriage as a bad thing. I hope you married folks have something to celebrate. Here are some ideas that may keep the celebration going.

>Make the Effort. Spend the time, energy, and money that you spent during the dating years. It’s amazing how little effort is given to marriage.

>Keep the Romance. Practice your Love relationship. Hold hands, hug, kiss, etc.. You loved those things while you were Courting/ dating your spouse. Why did you stop?

>Protect the Union. Never allow anything to separate you from this treasured relationship. Busyness, temptations, work, even ‘the kids,’ can have a way of driving a wedge between you. The marriage relationship must be the priority of your life, just below your relationship with God.

If you want to see a picture of a ‘Red-hot’ marriage, there’s a book you might want to read. The title of the book is “Song of Solomon.” It is actually a sub-section of another book called “The Holy Bible.” Surprised! You may find that book has a lot to say about Married Life.


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